“Best Improv-Ice Skater” Voting

Posted by on December 11, 2011

Voting for the “Best Improv-Ice Skater” has finished. Thank you to everyone who voted over the last couple weeks!

Check out these recap videos for each skater before you watch this Saturday, February 4th, when the “Best Improv-Ice Skater” is announced during Pandora Unforgettable Moments of Love on Ice, part of the Pandora NBC Skating Series.

Jeremy Abbott
Nicole Bobek
Ryan Bradley
Sasha Cohen
Nancy Kerrigan
Mirai Nagasu
Johnny Weir
Michael Weiss

Brittany Evans

About the Poster: Brittany is a sports enthusiast with a passion for promotion who helps handle digital marketing for Disson Skating. She can be contacted at evans.brittanyn@gmail.com.

244 responses to ““Best Improv-Ice Skater” Voting”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Johnny Weir

  2. vickie says:

    Loving me some Ryan Bradley!

  3. Lori Edwards says:


  4. vickie says:

    Johnny W has some “mad skills”!

  5. Donna Besaw says:

    Johny Weir still has it.

  6. Evelyn says:

    Michael Weiss but improv skater

  7. janel says:

    Johnny Weir was spectacular

  8. R Andrew Williams says:

    Johnny Weir

  9. Erika says:

    Loved Johnny Weir! It had spunk mixed with talent, reminded me of dancing to that song in my bathroom getting ready for bed!

  10. L.fORTUS says:

    Johnny Weir..absolutely the best

  11. kelly nelles says:

    johnny weir was fantastic…doing the top 40 hit from LMFAO’s “i’m sexy and i know it…” perfect song for him!!

  12. Cheranno says:

    Johnny Weir gets my vote! Loved it.

  13. allison h says:

    Johnny weir!!! All the way! Watta cuite:) love ya johnny:))))

  14. Olivia D says:

    Johnny Weir is my favorite person. Period. Johnny Weir is by far the best in everything he does. 🙂 love you Johnny!!

  15. Kylie says:

    I really loved Ryan’s dance I loved the flip i vote 4 him.

  16. mary powers says:

    sasha cohen is by far the best.

  17. Lisa A says:

    My vote is for Nancy Kerrigan! She really nailed it! Great Improv!

  18. Sharon Malone says:

    I vote for Johnny Weir as Improv-Ice Champion!

  19. Amber Grim says:

    I vote for Johnny Weir.

  20. Kevin says:

    Sasha Cohen

  21. patricia tighe says:

    I would like to vote for the one and only Johnny Weir

  22. voisvo says:

    I vote for Johnny Weir as thr best Improv!! Go Johnny go!

  23. Tommy Boston says:

    I vote for Johnny Weir too.

  24. Paula Parsons says:

    All of the skaters are doing an amazing job, but my favorite is Johnny Weir.

  25. Zsa Zsa says:

    Totally obvious, who is the best! Johnny W. Can you say MJ, George Micheal, Prince & Madonna on skates!

  26. Doug says:

    Your TV show says to vote but this lousy site doesn’t let you vote for Improv Champ or anything else!

    • Christy says:

      I agree Doug. I have been trying to get on here to vote and now it tells me to wait! Why can they not tell us on tv to wait to vote? This server is not good enough to take all the people trying to use it.

  27. Ashlynn says:

    Go Johnny Weir

  28. Lauren karos says:

    Michael weiss

  29. Christina says:

    Johnny Weir did an awesome job. He was the reason I stayed tuned to the show. I haven’t watched Ice Skating in years. Keep up the good work Johnny 🙂

  30. barry michelle trigo says:

    I enjoyed all of the skaters, but my favorite hhands down was johnny weir, i love everything about him from his style to his powerful skating!!! Love you JW

  31. Ashlynn says:

    I vote for Johnny Weir

  32. chris fiore says:

    Voting first round for Bobback – she was awesome!!

  33. Nicole says:

    Sasha did the best to Lady Antebellum’s ‘Just A Kiss’

  34. Alexis Snell says:

    Just watched Johnny Weir’s ‘I’m sexy and i know it’ improve routine… ..HOLY COW!!!! LOVED IT!!! What a way to revitalize and modernize skating!! He’s got my vote times a million!!!!

  35. Sharon Burr says:

    Sasha Cohen

  36. Apollo E Dinmbo says:

    I don’t know if this is the process, but I vote for Nancy Karregan as my most favorite skater!
    Tanx — Apollo

  37. Tracey says:

    Johnny Weir for sure! The Boy is FABULOUS!

  38. Meagan kelly says:

    Johhny weir

  39. melody green says:

    i vote for sasha coehn

    • Veronica says:

      I think sasha is very good at her skating she skates i mean very very super beauytyful i vote 100 :——–))))))))))) OMG I LOVE SASHA CHOAH SHE IS SO GOOD HECK I MEAN SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOODA

  40. Jo Anne Z says:

    first round was tough to call. Ryan

  41. Elle says:

    Typical that Johnny Weir’s fans are flooding the voting when Jeremy Abbott’s program was clearly better thought-out and executed. Shimmying is choreography.

  42. Karen says:

    Michael Weiss is the best!!

  43. Dance Lover says:

    Ryan <3

  44. Dawn says:

    Who Else- Johnny Weir, of course! <3 <3 <3

  45. Chaz says:

    Sasha is my favorite

  46. Laura Woodman says:

    Early favorite for me is Ryan Bradley, through both rounds!

  47. Weir is amazing; I work in dance and he’s really the only one to extend the body beyond the usual gestures. I’m not sure why Styxx is part of this – it seems more like an ad for them half the time.

  48. Ann says:

    Ryan did the best job!!!!

  49. sara says:

    ryan defiantly !!! loved the flips

  50. margaret says:


  51. M M says:

    I really liked Nancy, Sasha & is it Jeremy? But my vote goes to Johnny hands down.

  52. Karen says:

    Michael Weiss rock on!

  53. tracy says:

    I was there and they were all great but i have to go with johnny

  54. Chloe says:

    Ryan Bradley. For sure.

  55. Becky says:

    Ryan Bradley <3

  56. brain says:

    Is this about the improvising skaters or about a BAND performing their songs? Because I don’t have to see THEM singing to judge a skating Improvisation! >:-(

  57. Kristin says:

    Johnny Weir FTW!

  58. Adrienne says:

    the guy with the ZEBRA shirt=)

  59. alexa says:

    johnnhy weir

  60. Jacque says:


  61. Lauren says:

    The Abbot guy was AMAZING with the Coldplay song! ENCORE!

  62. Melissa W, says:

    Johnny Weir of course.. no one else was even close! Michael Weiss second.

  63. Chris says:

    Johnny G. Weir

  64. Brenda says:

    I vote for Ryan he was awesome

  65. jessesam says:

    mirai nagasu

  66. Caitlin C says:

    Go Ryan! He is sooo rock and roll! Yeah!

  67. Emily Anne Caspers says:

    Ryan is the best!!! He gets my vote.

  68. ann greenthal says:


  69. judi says:

    Johnny all the way!

  70. Staci says:

    I vote for Ryan Bradley!!!!!!!

  71. Samantha says:

    I was ringside live(you may have already seen me)and they were ALL great. I think either Bobeck or Micheal.It was much better live.

  72. Reagan says:

    I think Michael Weiss he is the best he is cute too!

  73. Debi says:

    I was really impressed with Ryan Bradley. Great job

  74. mary says:

    I vote for Jemery aboubtt

  75. Lindsey says:

    Sasha; she always skates so beautifully!

  76. Robin says:

    Saw it in person. Without the reshoots. Ryan Bradly was the best!

  77. Jamie D L says:

    Sasha Sasha Sasha!!!

  78. Courtney says:

    I vote for johnny weir!!!!!!!!! He is the bestest everrrrrrrrr! Love him:)

  79. ben says:

    i vote for johnny weir

  80. Kim S says:

    Ryan Bradley was awsome!

  81. ellie says:

    jonny wier did beyond amazing! He had solid moves and just smoothly glided together.

  82. alex says:

    Ryan Bradley did fantastic. I vote for himn

  83. I was ringside live (you may have already seen me)but they were ALL great! I like Bobeck and Michael.

  84. I demand skating says:

    Jeremy Abbot is outstanding!

  85. Barb Stogesdill says:

    Jeremy Abbott killed it! He is so artistic!

  86. Rhonda says:

    Johnny Wier Hands down…The best thing to EVER hit the Ice <3

  87. Kelly & Kelsey says:

    Jeremy Abbott!

  88. Crystal Roth says:

    Michael weiss was very creative!!

  89. Colin says:

    Weir…..all the way

  90. angel says:

    Johnny Weir! #1 wow now that was hot!!! O_O yes the leather pants! hehe

  91. Kirsten says:

    I vote Marai Nagasu!! She did really good on her improving to Styx for a young girl who has never heard them before

  92. Crystal Roth says:

    Michael weiss.

  93. Fran says:

    Ryan Bradly has the best showmanship & talent.

  94. I love skating and my vote goes to Sasha Cohen

  95. lynette says:

    the strongest skater is michael weiss

  96. Laszlo says:

    How do we vote? We just post?

    Mirai made me cry! I vote for Mirai! Thank you, love you!

    Thanks to everyone. Thanks to Styx! Great job.


  97. Dianna says:

    The guys are kicking butt! Hard to pick just one.

  98. Candace says:

    Voting for jerremy abbot as best improv skater

  99. Lisbeth says:

    Johnny Weir, Love how he rock that song, Awesome!!!

  100. Sue C says:

    Sasha Cohen’s program was the best both technically and artistically.

  101. Bobby J says:

    I Love U RYAN

  102. Lauri says:

    All the skaters were were excellent, but Johnny Weir is fabulous!

  103. DONNA GERHARD says:

    i vote for Nancy Kerrigan,and Nicole Boback these two are beautiful skaters and ifeel one of them deserves this title

  104. Tom C. says:

    My vote is for Mirai Nagasu. She is so very graceful on the ice. She makes me want to learn how to skate so I can maybe one day skate with her.

  105. Angel says:

    JOHNNY WEIR!!! all the way! WOW now that was hot!!! O_O and yes to the leather pants! 😉 hehe

  106. Dana says:

    I enjoyed Maia the best. Beautiful lines & strong graceful arms. Tight spins. She interpretted the music well. I hope i spelled her name correctly. 🙂

  107. dayra says:

    Ryam bradley great job amazing.

  108. Mia says:

    Ryan Bradley. His program was great and he had so many interesting and different moves. I loved the one foot landing on the back flip which led directly into a jump!! Amazing.

  109. Isobel says:

    NICOLE BOBICK and her love of skating for the pure pleasure shows….

  110. Whitney Z says:

    Johnny Weir definitely wins- he is a natural on the ice and very entertaining!

  111. marissa says:

    i vote Ryan Bradley

  112. Dave Elliot says:

    Nicole Bobeck, for sure. Has a sultriness the youngsters lack!

  113. Naomi says:

    Absolutely loved Nicole Bobeck’s performance to STYX’s “Lady”!

  114. Brewster says:

    If this show took place some time ago, why are we waiting to vote? Apparently, the winner is already known.
    First round… I was impressed by Nancy Kerrigan, but Johnny Weir blew me away with his imagination, his energy (as always), AND his outfit!
    Second round… I’m still watching, but so far Nicole Bobeck impressed me the most. The song “Lady” suited her perfectly.

  115. Amanda says:

    Micheal Weiss

  116. Joe Wong says:

    Nicole because she is sizzling HOT!

  117. Susan says:

    I LLLLLLOOVVEEDD Ryan’s dance, but my fav was the back flip, so cool

  118. Rita says:

    Ryan Bradley Rocked it!!

  119. Mary Spiker says:

    Micheal Weiss gets my vote hands down SPETACULAR skating. and big shout out to STYX MY FAVORITE BAND.

  120. Carla says:

    Mirai Nagasu and Sasha…love you both!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoox

  121. willa m. says:

    ryan b. big time he’s amazing

  122. Lesley K. says:

    Johnny Weir for me!!!

  123. kat says:

    i love all the skaters they all seem real good to me, i wanna vote but i cant just yet need to make up my mind 😛

  124. Karen S. says:

    hated johnny, loved jeremy.

  125. Dan says:

    Get real everyone, Nicole was off the charts!!

  126. Polina P. says:

    Johnny Weir. Great presence, technique, and elements.

  127. Naomi says:

    OK, now that I saw Michael Weiss’ performance to “Blue Collar Man,” I’m torn between him & Nicole!!!!

  128. Robin P says:

    Nicole’s interpretation of Lady was spot-on!

  129. Elke says:

    Michael Weiss!!!

  130. DONNA GERHARD says:

    Nicole Boback hands down!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Michael says:

    Ryan bradley

  132. Junko Mi says:

    Johnny G weir

  133. Ashley C says:

    Nicole Bobek

  134. Hannah says:

    I vote Sasha!

  135. Ericka says:

    Im tied between Johnny Weir and Jeremy Abbott. They both did excellent.

  136. Rhonda C says:

    Michael Weiss is the best!

  137. Celeste says:

    Jeremy Abbott

  138. Lynn M says:

    What is the name of the girl who skated to Lady? She did an AWESOME job with that song!!!! 🙂 I think Natalie? UGH… can’t remember now.

  139. Jenny C says:

    3 winners stand above the rest: Johnny, Sasha, Nicole

  140. Lin B says:

    Loved Michelle Bobick. Have loved since she was a young
    skater. Johnny Weir was phenomenal. This is going to be a hard choice!!!

  141. Tom S says:

    Johnny be good. Johnny was great!

  142. Donna says:

    Fantastic idea putting live music to skating! Thanks for an awesome afternoon!

  143. Carmen Altopiedi says:

    Johnny Weir gets my vote :once again he exhibits his artistic gift and ability to figure skate in any venue

  144. Cindy says:

    Johnny Weir… HANDS DOWN

  145. Hannah Mulligan says:

    Sasha Cohen!!

  146. Sandra Mayers says:

    Johnny Weir – magnificent!

  147. Melissa says:

    I vote for Johnny Weir!!!! He is AWESOME!

  148. Karen H says:

    Michael Weiss gets our vote…!!!

  149. Beth Carlson says:

    Sasha Cohen gets my vote.

  150. Michael H says:

    I vote for Michael Weiss…!

  151. Amy B says:

    Nancy Kerrigan

  152. SteveMa says:

    I vote for Nicole.

    Connection to this website is terrible. Took me almost an hour to connect.

  153. John says:

    I vote for Weir.

  154. M & T Douglas says:

    We love Ryan Bradley!! He is amazin nd has his own style!

  155. Jerrie says:

    They all did a great job and enjoyed Styx’s always loved them! I would have to vote for Michael….he did a great job!

  156. Carl Smith says:

    Nancy was the best, But overall I realy enjoyed Styx!!

  157. Barvara Rae Robinson says:

    Nicole Bobeck!

  158. Siska says:

    John Weir!! Great body movement, very sexy! I don’t like listening to Styx throughout 2nd round though!!

  159. Fatema says:

    Jonny is the best. I vote for him.

  160. JohnnyBeGoodFan says:

    There can be only one….
    That one being…..


    Enough said….

  161. Katy Wildman says:

    I think Michael Weiss is fantastic!

  162. Rita T says:

    The live show was AWESOME!!!! Styx rocked it.. Johnny Weir is my favorite, Mirai Nagasu is a close 2nd.

  163. lizzie says:

    Johnny Weir the best, excellent performance. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Vicky Wiley says:

    Ryan Bradley

  165. Carlos R says:

    Definitely Sasha Cohen; my favorite. All of them did great but I gave my vote to Sasha

  166. Michelle says:

    Johnny Weir!

  167. Charles (from Toronto) says:

    Johnny Weir and Nicole Bobeck
    had true improv skills and musicality

    They both responded to the music in the moment
    and had consistent personal style
    and of course great skating skills
    and ice-dance choreographic talent
    –their movements felt natural to them

    Their energy lasted to the final moment
    of the performance they never forgot
    that it was still an artful performance

    It was clearly visible who was a true artist
    –the jumpers were not necessarily artists
    –nor choreographers

    Johnny Weir and Nicole Bobeck are artists
    and technically excellent skaters as well

  168. Cathy says:

    Johnny Weir is a showman. He should def. be in more of these shows.WOW he is GREAT!!!!!!!!

  169. Jim says:

    Sasha Cohen 100%

  170. Amanda says:

    Jeremy Abbott definitely!!

  171. Olive says:

    Kerrigan did a great job. Why the Styk? Were they advertising? They really took away from the skating.

  172. Jan says:

    I’d vote for Nancy Kerrigan anyway, but she’s from Woburn/Stoneham, MA, just a stone’s throw away. Gotta stay true to another Massachusetts-ite. 🙂

  173. Mary says:

    I vote for Michael Weiss.

  174. Wendy S says:

    Johnny Weir!!

  175. RANDY says:

    sasha was wonderful

  176. Lillie Lawaetz says:

    Mike Weiss is out of control. He has so many tricks in his bag.

  177. Barbara Moraites says:

    Ryan Bradley blew them all away!

  178. Mary says:

    I vote for Nancy Kerrigan. Great performance, style… Nancy will always be Nancy!

  179. Kathy says:

    Sasha was the best!

  180. Danielle Aleandra says:

    There was some tough competition but I liked Jeremy Abbott the best.

  181. Sheri says:

    Sasha gifted lady

  182. I loved Michael Weiss and if I had a second choice it would be Johnny Weir.

  183. lisa kluttz says:

    Nicole Bobek

  184. Mary G says:

    I like the idea of the live music, but I watch it for the skating, let the bands perform, but film the skaters. After all, we just need to listen to the bands.

  185. Karen says:

    This was a great show!! Sasha, Johnny,& Michael were my favorites and its hard to choose, but Michael is the Champ.

  186. Machiko Okabe says:

    Johnny Weir

  187. jb borown says:

    My overwhelming favorite on technique, presence and creativity was Mr Johnny Weir!! He truly has star quality and he portrays an open heartedly good soul.
    Johnny u got my vote hands down

  188. L DeMent says:

    Michael Weiss and Sasha Cohen did two fantastic well-improvised and professional programs. They both get my vote for #1!!! A lot of talent on this show!

  189. Chris says:

    Jeremy Abbott was creative and exciting. he didn’t skate just a mash up of his best tricks. I also enjoyed Michael Weiss (good rock’n’roll skater) and Nicole Bobek(good to see her back on the ice).

  190. Elaine says:

    Michael Weiss did a great job matching the moves with the music!

  191. nrg says:

    Johnny Weir. He won me over with that skate to Grand Illusion.
    Sasha was wonderful too!

  192. heather says:

    no one touches nicole when it comes to interpreting music with joy and passion. welcome back the sport has missed you

  193. Judy says:

    I vote for Ryan Bradley

  194. Donald H says:


    Great to see you again. This was the best I have ever seen you skate. You looked like you were having fun for the first time in a long time. Your Great.

  195. Brittany Long says:

    On this one I liked all of them omg. Nancy was always my fave back then, but Sasha is so elegant and fluid. I just wish she would of done her back scratch spin. So sick!!! My vote is definitely Sasha.

  196. Carla R, says:

    Great show! I loved the music from STYX so much. They are sounding better than ever. I loved the way you combined such amazing classic rock music with the skating. I loved Johnny and the way he interpreted the music. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had seen it all live.

  197. GLOBUSY54 says:

    Michael Weiss gets my vote. He was great as always.

  198. Karin vogel says:

    Nailed it.

  199. juncolove says:

    I voted for Johnny! So fearlessly sexy! And then totally rocks with Styx! Johnny you’re so wonderful to me, u give me so much joy, love and inspiration. I love you!!!

  200. Linnea says:

    Nicole Bobek! Fabulous!

  201. Lean says:

    It is great to see Nicole back on the ice. She done a super job creating,artistically,excecuting to Lady. You could tell that her heart was totally into it.

  202. Nola says:

    Wow, totally loved the Improv-ice show yesterday. Styx rocked it (I was pretty impressed because Tommy Shaw and Co. must be over 60 at this point in time). I loved the combination of their keyboard-driven tunes and the ice skating interpretations. Loved that spinning keyboard platform. Very cool!

    Have to say it is hard to choose between “Lady” with Nicole Bobek or “Blue Collar Man” with Michael Weiss. They both really reflected the power and intensity of their songs skating “in the moment”. And something like this is made for a skater and personality such as Johnny Weir.

    To those that are having a problem voting: there are small cicles to mark at the left side of each skater on the vertically-tiled collection of their pics and songs.
    Click the one you want, then scroll down past the videos to the button in the middle that says “Vote”, between videos and comments. Since we can vote everyday once a day, I don’t have to choose between my two favorites–I can alternate daily between NB and MW.

    Hope Disson Skating produces more of this kind of Rock/Skating events. Thanks.

  203. Randy says:

    As Always, Johnny Weir

  204. junco says:

    Johnny is great. I can watch him skate again and again! His skating to Grand Illusion is so energetic and beautiful. I really love it!

  205. Don says:

    My vote is for Nichole Bobek

    • Jennie says:

      Sasha Cohen was a better Staker I hpoe she wins I like her the most at all of the others Stakers she is one of my favers stakers of all time.

  206. Janie says:

    My compliments to all skaters, young and old, male and female, for doing an excellent job. May the best man or woman win!

  207. Alex G. says:

    Nicole! Welcome back! You look better than ever! Hope to see you more in shows…you light up the ice and the tv screen. Thanks Nicole!

  208. Barbara F says:

    I vote for Michael Weiss, he is terrific!

  209. BG says:

    MICHAEL WEISS!!! He’s got it all!

  210. Kitty says:

    I thought they all did a fabulous job, but JEREMY ABBOTT has the most beautiful, smoothest skating style out there and uses his entire body to express his artistry. Were we allowed to vote for more than one, JOHNNY would be the 2nd choice – by far the most entertaining and his skating style is gorgeous. And kudos have to go to NICOLE for trying to turn her life around by getting back into skating and doing a SUPER job – her improv was fabulous and her happiness and pride in what she’s accomplished was written all over her face! 🙂

  211. Denise says:


  212. BobyyMcjoe says:

    I am sickened and disgusted by the unexcuasble performance of this johnney weir!!!! DOWN WITH WEIR!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. Jackie Cecil says:

    Sasha Cohen was the BEST!

  214. Wayne says:

    Vote for Nicole!!!!!!! She’s AWESOME!!!!!

  215. junco says:

    I vote for Johnny Weir every day! I love Johnny soooooo much! Johnny is the winner of my heart.

  216. Joy Runyon says:

    My vote is for Michael Weiss

  217. gegemomo says:

    Johnny Weir

  218. somarem says:

    Johnny Weir the best Improv Skater

  219. Michela Borzoni says:

    I vote for Johnny Weir!!!

  220. Sanga says:

    Johnny Weir!!!!!

  221. Viki says:

    Johnny Weir!

  222. Becky says:

    Johnny Weir is definitely the BEST!

  223. Luba says:

    Johnny Weir

  224. Paloma says:

    Sasha Cohen of course!!!!

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