Q&A: Catching Up with New Mom Shae-Lynn Bourne

Posted by on October 20, 2012

Shae-Lynn Bourne Family Photo

Shae-Lynn with son Kai and husband Bohdan

The first PANDORA NBC Skating Series show is just a couple weeks away. Musselman’s Apple Sauce Family Skating Tribute presented by Caesars Atlantic City will feature some of the world’s best skaters with their children, and we caught up with new mom Shae-Lynn Bourne ahead of the show. See what she has to say about new son Kai and how they are preparing for the show:

1) Congratulations on the addition to your family. How is Kai, and how has this new addition changed your life?

Thank you very much! Kai is healthy, happy and growing up very fast. His biggest struggle right now is a mild dose of colic. 🙁 Words can’t describe how Kai’s presence has affected our life. Deep, deep love-filled sigh!

2) So far, what has been your favorite part of being a parent?

Watching our little one as he takes in this new world, sharing the experience of parenthood with my husband Bohdan, seeing him with our parents, and the love and joy he brings to all of our lives.

3) Has it been difficult to juggle the demands of being a parent with training for the skating season? Have you made changes to your training schedule?

I use to spend the whole day at the rink, taking my sweet time, but now I schedule around feedings–having just enough time to get to the rink, skate and race back home. I’ve cut back on teaching right now, so that I can really enjoy this special time with my family.

4) Any funny or interesting things you want to share about Kai?

Kai is a pro at traveling. He flew to Switzerland at 4 weeks old–shortly after Paris, the U.S. and Japan. Slept most of the way! 🙂 Yep…Kai….Bourne Turok.

5) You will be skating in the Musselman’s Apple Sauce Family Skating Tribute presented by Caesars Atlantic City show on November 3rd at Boardwalk Hall. What do you have planned and, so far, how does Kai like the ice?

I plan to skate to Jewel’s “Sammy the Spider.” Kai will be the spider, and I will be the Mama spider. I plan to take Kai to the rink as soon as he has better control with his head–hopefully in time for the show. 😉 I think he will be the youngest performer out on the ice.

Get your tickets to see Shae-Lynn, Kai and the entire cast at Musselman’s Apple Sauce Family Skating Tribute presented by Caesars Atlantic City, and then catch the show when it airs as part of the PANDORA NBC Skating Series on November 18!

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